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TIBET - Land of mysteries

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"I saw things that I never would have dreamed of seeing." Derek C.

Tibet, the mysterious land beyond the Himalayas, is situated on the highest plateau inStupa at Lake Manasorovar the world. It has existed in peaceful isolation for centuries, inaccessible to foreign visitors. Tibet's rich Buddhist heritage and its stunning natural beauty have been a source of fascination and intrigue to people the world over.

When in Tibet, the visitor is transported back in time - wandering endlessly through the Potala Palace; shopping for colorful prayer flags in Barkhor Square; circling the Jokhang monastery; smelling the burning yak-butter lamps in a remote mountain monastery; making the religious pilgrimage around the sacred mountain, Kailesh.

Undoubtedly, the life of the Tibetan people has been altered by the presence of the Chinese, but the richness of this unique culture and religion has endured. Traveling through Tibet offers you the rare Roof of the Potala Palaceopportunity to form your own impressions of the powerful, indelible spirit of the Tibetans, an understanding that is not fully gained through the news media or Hollywood films. The sites, sounds and tastes of Tibet must be encountered firsthand. Experience the magic of Tibet for yourself!
Dates and information about trips to Tibet