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Naadam Festival July 11 - 13

The Naadam Festival is one of the most exciting and colorful celebrations in Mongolia. Held from JulyBefore the race - Countryside Naadam 11 to 13 each year, this unique celebration marks the 1921 Mongolian Revolution. The center of the festivities are the fierce horse racing, archery and wrestling competitions, the traditional sports of the Mongolian warrior (the three "manly" sports, though young girls and women participate in the racing and archery contests).

Naadam is held in both countryside villages throughout Mongolia and in Ulaan Baatar, the country's largest. The winner of archery competition in UBParticipants of all ages prepare for months prior to the competitions for the ultimate test of their strength, skill and endurance. The atmosphere during Naadam is electric with sport, entertainment and festivities.

Naadam Festivities in Ulaan Baatar coincide with our Mongolia Panorama Tour. You'll see the magnificent opening ceremonies with soldiers in bright uniforms and hundreds of others outfitted in the traditional warrior garb of Ghengis Khan parading into the stadium. For the next two days, enjoy the thrilling wrestling and archery competitions at the main stadium and the horseback riding races in the surrounding countryside. Naadam is the essence of the Mongolian spirit. Not to be missed!

The winner! Countryside NaadamThe dates of each countryside Naadam vary each year. We make every effort to attend the countryside competitions, as you can experience Mongolian culture up close in a way that is not possible with the larger festival in Ulaan Baatar. We'll attend the unique Kazakh Naadam in Olgii after our trek and climb in Western Mongolia.

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