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Lunana "Snowman" High Altitude Trek Thimpu Tsechu Festival 29 Days

Trekking through Bhutan's seldom-visited and pristine Lunana region is one of the most physically challenging - and extraordinary - Himalayan adventures offered by Cabaret Diosa Treks. To visit Bhutan, especially this remote northern region, is to step back to the 7th century when Buddhism had just reached the land. First explored by westerners only five decades ago, Lunana retains its "wildness", the high passes effectively insulating the land and people from outside influences. On the "Snowman" trek, you can experience the rarity of Lunana's unspoiled landscape, unpolluted air, pure glacial waters and an uncompromised culture while surrounded by some of the highest unclimbed and unnamed peaks on earth.

Our trip begins in Paro, situated in one of the most beautiful valleys of the Himalaya. We will have a day of acclimatization and sightseeing in and around Paro before beginning our trek into the heart of the Himalaya. We will set out from Shana, slowly beginning our ascent. Our trail follows the river through meadows of beautiful alpine flowers; yaks and their nomadic herders become a regular sight along the trail.

We will enter the Lunana region and the Jigme Dorje National Park, Bhutan's largest protected forest area. Here you will see the famous Umtso Lake, where religious treasures were discovered, and numerous varieties of plant and animal life, including the blue sheep and musk deer. During the most difficult and demanding part of the trek, we will pass through isolated mountain villages, climbing one high pass after another, including no less than ten passes above 14,000' (the highest Rinchenzoe at 16,859').

On our descent, we will pass through rhododendron forests to end our trek with a drive to Bhutan's capital city Thimphu, where we'll enjoy the traditional costumes and masks and colorful pageantry of the Thimphu Tsechu Festival. You can also visit such landmarks as the Memorial Chorten, the National Library where ancient Bhutanese manuscripts are preserved, and the Painting School, where traditional art is taught.

We will drive back to Paro with international departures the next day. The Lunana "Snowman" Trek will no doubt present a great personal challenge, both mentally and physically. To complete it will be an unforgettable accomplishment.

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