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Mt. Elbrus (5,632m)

Europe - Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe, lies in the Caucasus mountain range in southern Russia and forms a natural boundary between Europe and Asia. As such, the Elbrus region has a complex history and is home to a variety of ethnic groups of people. The Adyrsu Valley is in considered the most beautiful in the Elbrus area. We'll be treated to superb alpine scenery in an area much less developed than elsewhere in Europe.

We'll depart the US on July 10th with one night in Europe, if required, before departing to Moscow on July 11th . We'll make preparations for our expedition in Moscow and fly to Mineralny Vody the following day. From here, we'll drive into the mountains and start our acclimatization.

Over the next seven days, we'll gradually gain height from 3,200m to 4,700m before climbing the east summit of Elbrus. Though not technical, the climb is strenuous and requires willpower to reach the summit. Ice axe and crampons will be used. The end of the schedule accommodates one reserve day (for possible bad weather or the need for further acclimatization) before departures from Moscow to the US.

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